62 “Happy Thursday” Quotes & 43 Blessings for Thursday Morning (2024)

Jacqueline Eisenbraun(Senior Editor)

62 “Happy Thursday” Quotes & 43 Blessings for Thursday Morning (2)

Thursday probably isn’t the best day for you either. The weekend isn’t quite here and your productivity leaves something to be desired. In this article you’ll find some nice greetings and sayings for Thursday to motivate yourself or your friends.

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While for many Monday is the worst day of the week, some struggle with Thursdays as well. Performance usually peaks on Wednesday, whereas on Thursday thoughts often turn towards the weekend and other distractions.

Happy and Motivational Quotes about Thursday

62 “Happy Thursday” Quotes & 43 Blessings for Thursday Morning (3)

Happy and Motivational Quotes about Thursday

In addition to some beautiful greetings for Thursday, we collected a few sayings for you in this section. Most of them are funny and can be a bit cheeky.

So if you need something to laugh about on a Thursday, read through the quotes below. The sayings could also be great for eliciting a laugh from your friends. For example, how about slipping a little note with one of the following sayings to your favorite colleague or a good friend on Thursday.

Here you’ll find motivational quotes for Mondays.

Motivational Thursday Quotes

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Motivational Thursday Quotes

You can use the following sayings when you need some extra motivation. Therefore, they are not only suitable for Thursdays, but for any other day of the week that is plagued by a lack of productivity.

You can read the sayings and write them down on a piece of paper, which you can hang on your fridge for example.

That way, you’ll keep it in mind every day and remind yourself not to get sidetracked and to do what’s right.

  1. Strength does not grow from physical power – rather from indomitable will.
    (Mahatma Gandhi, Indian revolutionary, 1869-1948)
  2. With small blows you can cut down even large trees.
    (Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father of the United States, 1706-1790)
  3. When the will awakens, something is almost achieved.
    (Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Austrian author, 1874-1929)
  4. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.
    (Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher, 1844-1900)
  5. Everything Will Be OK in the End. If It’s Not OK It’s Not the End
    (Oscar Wilde, Irish novelist, 1854-1900)
  6. Wherever you go, go with all your heart.
    (Confucius, Chinese philosopher, 551-479 BC)
  7. Only those who know their goal will find their way.
    (Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher, 365-290 BC)
  8. He who always does what he already can, always remains what he already was.
    (Henry Ford, US-American automobile manufacturer, 1863-1947)
  9. With diligence, with courage and a firm will, every wish can be satisfied.
    (Novalis, German novelist, 1772-1801)
  10. It’s not in the stars to hold our destiny but ourselves.
    (William Shakespeare, English dramatist, 1564-1616)

Here you’ll find more motivational quotes.

Happy and Thankful Quotes for Thursdays

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Happy and Thankful Quotes for Thursdays

When Thursday begins the week is almost over. Since the weekend is quickly approaching it helps to keep things in perspective and be grateful for the days that have already passed. All quotes are anonymous unless noted.

  1. Start your Thursday with an attitude of optimism. It’s going to be an awesome and blessed day.
  2. It’s Thankful Thursday! Count your blessings so you will lose count of your problems.
  3. You might transform your entire Thursday with just one optimistic thought in the morning.
  4. It’s Thursday, think positive and positive things will start happening.
  5. To make this a good morning and a wonderful Thursday, one easy tip is to begin a gratitude practice by finding three small things you can be thankful for in your life.
  6. Start your Thursday the way you want your whole day to go. Because the tone you set early tends to persist.
    (John Brown, US-American abolitionist, 1800-1859)
  7. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not here yet. Don’t hesitate, don’t wait, start building your best life right now and here on this great Thursday.
  8. Appreciate the opportunities you’ve been given and the risks you’ll take this Thursday.
  9. If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.
    (Meister Eckhart, German theologian, 1260-1328)
  10. Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.

“Good Morning”: Positive Quotes for a Thursday Morning

62 “Happy Thursday” Quotes & 43 Blessings for Thursday Morning (6)

“Good Morning”: Positive Quotes for a Thursday Morning

Since you’ve already been at work all week, Thursdays can be a bit tiresome and you may need that extra kick to wake you up. Here we’ve collected some good morning quotes that you can share with your friends or read when you need a positive message in the morning.

  1. Be thankful for what you have and be motivated about what you want to achieve and let it inspire your Thursday morning.
  2. Make the most of this day! Laugh, love, read, live, learn, play, dream, and just be happy! Live every moment! Happy Thursday morning!
  3. Happy Thursday. A brand new day. A clean slate. The possibilities are endless.
  4. When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.
    (Marcus Aureliusm, Roman Emperor and Stoic philosopher, 121-180)
  5. Something special awaits you each day. All you need is to recognize it and make the most of it.
  6. Do not shorten the morning by getting up late; look upon it as the quintessence of life, as to a certain extent sacred.
    (Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher, 1788-1860)
  7. In the morning a man walks with his whole body; in the evening, only with his legs.
    (Ralph Waldo Emerson, American philosopher, 1803-1882)
  8. Morning without you is a dwindled dawn.
    (Emily Dickinson, American poet, 1830-1886)
  9. It is a myth that you need to rise and shine to have a good start to a day. You can roll around in bed thinking about friends like me and you will still have a great start to the day.
  10. If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.
  11. Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.
    (Meister Eckhart, German theologian, 1260-1328)

Cheeky Sayings about Thursday

62 “Happy Thursday” Quotes & 43 Blessings for Thursday Morning (7)

Cheeky Sayings about Thursday

As hated as Thursday is by many people, it’s no wonder that so many witty sayings were coined about this day of the week.

You can pick a quote and send it to friends or put it in your Instagram story for Thursday, for example. But remember that you should read the sayings with a good sense of humor. All the quotes are from unknown authors.

  1. If you think it can’t get any worse than Monday, wait until Thursday.
  2. Now everyone is crying again that it’s Thursday. But no one’s done anything about it.
  3. Thursday is the equivalent of a mosquito in a pitch-black bedroom.
  4. Wake me up when it’s Friday.
  5. Thursday is like Monday – only three days later.
  6. Crap, it’s Thursday again!
  7. It’s Thursday, or what I call Day 4 of the hostage crisis.
  8. Thursdays are just wannabes. They would like to be Fridays. But they are not.
  9. It’s Thursday or in other words: close your eyes and get through!
  10. Thursday is done. One more morning cry and then it’s the weekend.
  11. It is especially on Thursdays that I wonder how Jesus could turn water into wine.

Funny Quotes about Thursday

62 “Happy Thursday” Quotes & 43 Blessings for Thursday Morning (8)

Funny Quotes about Thursday

Besides the naughty sayings, we collected some funny sayings about Thursday for you here. They express what most people think about Thursday. Again, some sayings are very cynical, so you’ll need a sense of humor. They are all from unknown creators.

  1. Too cold, too early, too Thursday.
  2. Nothing is worse than realizing on a Friday that it’s only Thursday.
  3. What rhymes with Thursday? That’s right. Prosecco.
  4. Happy Frid… wait a minute, it’s just Thursday?!
  5. Saturday. Sunday. Bad day. Bad day. Bad day. Bad day. Friday night. Saturday. Sunday.
  6. There are better days to come. They are called Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  7. Please do not disturb today – I’m waiting for Friday!
  8. Weekday test: Thursday. Grade: Unsatisfactory.
  9. Reasons to stay in bed: Rain, bad mood and… Thursday.
  10. You say Thursday. I say it’s Friday Eve.

Motivational “Happy Thursday” Quotes for Work

62 “Happy Thursday” Quotes & 43 Blessings for Thursday Morning (9)

Motivational “Happy Thursday” Quotes for Work

Everyone needs some extra motivation at times, here we’ve collected some of the best sayings to help motivate you at the end of your week.

You can share them with friends or acquaintances if you know they need a motivating word or post one as a social media status. Unless noted quotes are anonymous.

  1. Don’t count the days, make the days count
    (Mahatma Gandhi, Indian revolutionary, 1869-1948)
  2. Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.
    (Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish novelist, 1850-1894)
  3. A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.
    (George S. Patton, American general, 1885-1945)
  4. Everything in your life is dictated by you. Be who you want to be. Think positive thoughts and great things will happen to you.
  5. A person is what he or she thinks about all day long.
    (Ralph Waldo Emerson, American philosopher, 1803-1882)
  6. Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice.
    (William Jennings Bryan, American politician, 1860-1925)
  7. Thursday is how Friday says, “Hang on, you are almost there.”
  8. Thursday mantra: Nothing will work unless you do.
  9. Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
    (Theodor Roosevelt, American president, 1858-1919)
  10. The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.
    (Franklin D. Roosevelt, American president, 1882-1945)

Here you’ll find more inspirational quotes.

Blessings to Wish a Happy Thursday Morning and Evening

62 “Happy Thursday” Quotes & 43 Blessings for Thursday Morning (10)

Blessings to Wish a Happy Thursday Morning and Evening

When the weekend is approaching, energy levels can quickly tank. Besides Monday, Friday isn’t the most productive day of the week. But on the last day of work the weekend spurs us on.

So a nice greeting – for example on the morning of Thursday – can give some people the stamina they need for a good finish. In this section we have a collection of beautiful Thursday greetings to motivate yourself or friends.

All sayings and greetings not otherwise marked are from unknown authors.

Here you’ll find great greetings for Fridays.

"Happy Thursday": Inspirational Blessings for Thursday Morning

62 “Happy Thursday” Quotes & 43 Blessings for Thursday Morning (11)

"Happy Thursday": Inspirational Blessings for Thursday Morning

Waking up on Thursday morning is probably not easy for your friends and acquaintances either. But sometimes a friendly greeting can work wonders. So feel free to help yourself to the following greetings.

Or be inspired to compose your own greeting. Either way your loved ones will be happy to hear from you.

  1. Good morning loved ones. I wish you a wonderful jumpstart into Thursday.
  2. A wonderful good morning to you and get through your Thursday.
  3. Hi, on this beautiful Thursday I send you love and always remember, a smile in the morning is the best way to start the day.
  4. Good morning my dear, I hope you started the day as chipper as I did. Have a nice Thursday!
  5. With this I’m sending you a lovely Thursday greeting, hope you’re well!
  6. Good morning! I wish you a beautiful Thursday, full of good humor and nice people.
  7. Have a wonderful good morning – without stress and worries.
  8. Good morning! It’s only Thursday, but the weekend is already in sight – so hang in there!
  9. Turn every day into a masterpiece! Have a nice Thursday.
  10. Good morning, I wish you a good Thursday that passes quickly. The weekend will be here soon.

Funny Morning Greetings for Thursday

62 “Happy Thursday” Quotes & 43 Blessings for Thursday Morning (12)

Funny Morning Greetings for Thursday

If you don’t like Thursdays much either, then you’ll definitely enjoy the greetings below. They approach Thursday with a good sense of humor.

Choose a suitable greeting and send it to friends, family and acquaintances who could use some motivation on Thursday. You are sure to make them smile.

  1. Attention, friends! Rise and shine, the week is almost over! Hang in there!
  2. Good morning, friends. The good news is: Wednesday is over. The bad news is: we’re in for another crappy day. But we’ll get through that too, so cheer up!
  3. Looking forward to the weekend, I got out of bed today particularly easily. And then I noticed that it’s not Friday at all, but Thursday. So, I’m sending you this greeting as a reminder, so that you do not feel the same way.
  4. Friends, this message is the most beautiful thing you will see today, because: It’s Thursday. So, grit your teeth and keep going! The weekend will soon be here.
  5. I wish you a good start to the day and in case you forgot: Thursday is just a euphemism for: "Hold onto your butts, the week is almost over!"

Lovely Good Morning Blessings on a Thursday for Coffee Fans

62 “Happy Thursday” Quotes & 43 Blessings for Thursday Morning (13)

Lovely Good Morning Blessings on a Thursday for Coffee Fans

For many people their morning motto is: Nothing gets done without coffee. If you know such a person, then read through the following greetings about coffee. They are aimed specifically at coffee lovers.

But they are also suitable for any other person who needs a good cup of coffee on a Thursday morning.

  1. Good morning! A good Thursday starts with a positive attitude, a smile, and a hot cup of coffee. So go ahead and fire up the coffee maker.
  2. The most important ingredient for a good morning is definitely coffee. Sending love so you can get through the day well.
  3. On this charming Thursday morning, I wish you a black coffee and a sunny day.
  4. Good morning! First a cup of coffee.
  5. Thursday: The day when even my coffee needs a coffee. I hope you got out of bed well and are off to a great start today.
  6. Good morning! The coffee is brewing. I’m not going to be more productive today. I wish you good luck and perseverance on Thursday. Thank God the week is almost over.
  7. Good morning! May your coffee be strong and your Thursday be short!
  8. You know what they say: The early bird needs a lot of coffee. So, let’s get to the beans.
  9. A cup of coffee marks the beginning of each day.

Blessings to Wish a “Happy Thursday Evening”

62 “Happy Thursday” Quotes & 43 Blessings for Thursday Morning (14)

Blessings to Wish a “Happy Thursday Evening”

Although any day is suitable for sending a nice evening greeting, it’s especially nice to hear a few kind words from friends or family on a random Thursday.

The essence of the greetings below is that the day is finally over, and the weekend is arriving soon. So send them to support the endurance of your friends.

  1. For the evening I wanted to send you a greeting and wish you a relaxing rest of your Thursday.
  2. We have now survived the second worst day of the week. From now on, it can only get better.
  3. I wish you another pleasant Thursday evening and hope you got through the day well.
  4. Hi, you! Thursday is almost over. Now it is time to put your feet up and relax.
  5. Hi, have a nice Thursday evening and later a good night.
  6. Thursday is almost over. Enjoy the remaining time before going to bed again.
  7. And another day comes to an end. For tomorrow I wish you much strength and success.
  8. Just wanted to send you some love. Have a nice Thursday evening.
  9. What could be better than relaxing on the sofa with a glass of wine after a long day… I hope you have a good time tonight too.
  10. I just wanted to give you a quick reminder that we’re almost done for the week. So, make sure you enjoy your Thursday evening. Have a good night later and sleep well.

Good Night Greetings for Thursday

62 “Happy Thursday” Quotes & 43 Blessings for Thursday Morning (15)

Wish friends and acquaintances a good evening

Reading a few nice words before going to bed is certainly a pleasure for your acquaintances. So a short message can have a lot of effect and requires little effort.

The person you greet will surely be very happy when they realize that you thought of them. Alternatively, the goodnight greetings below are also suitable as a status on social media.

  1. Hello my dearest, I hope you had a nice Thursday and a restful night.
  2. I’m done for the day and wanted to wish you a good night – go well into Friday!
  3. I wish you all a restful Thursday night. Work one more time, then it’s the weekend, yay!
  4. Sending the dearest greetings to the passing Thursday. Sleep well and see you soon.
  5. Friends, in case you haven’t noticed yet: One more night, then it’s Friday. So off to bed.
  6. Slowly Thursday is passing. I wish you a good sleep and sweet dreams.
  7. Before you close your eyes, I send you a dear greeting. Sleep well and have a good start to Friday.
  8. Thursday is done and in short I wish you a good night.
  9. I hope you sleep well later, have a nice dream and wake up with a smile on Friday.
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