Obituaries (June 14, 2019) (2024)

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BLACKWELL, Sandra (Howe), 75, St. Simon the Apostle, May 18. Wife of J.Michael Blackwell. Mother of Lorianne Blackwell Meek, Jennifer Blackwell Mungovan and Lisa Blackwell Rodriguez. Sister of Marcia Anness, Patricia Szerencse, Richard and James Davis and Stephen Howe. Grandmother of eight.

CLEGG, Patricia M., 71, St.Bartholomew, Columbus, May 24. Wife of Dale Clegg. Mother of Michele Helton and Vicky Stainbrook. Sister of Donna, Franciscan Sister Margaret and Richard Rahe. Grandmother of four. Great‑grandmother of six.

CONRAD, Dr. Joseph, 71, Christ the King, Indianapolis, May 20. Husband of Jean Ford. Father of Megan Conrad Schlegel and William Conrad. Brother of Patricia Hallerbach and James Conrad. Grandfather of five.

FEY, Alice J., 89, St. Joseph, Corydon, May 27. Mother of Maureen Fey-Lawson, Malia Rose, Marcia Schroeder, Mary, Francis, Joseph and Thomas Fey. Sister of Ginnie Garbrough, Grace Gwynn, Margaret Jacobi, Amy Schneider, Ida Stilger and Rick Pflanz. Grandmother of 20. Great-grandmother of 22.

FLOCK, Carolyn J., 78, St.Joseph, Corydon, May 23. Mother of Michele Morsey and Martin Moore. Sister of Edith Caldwell, Lois Newton, Margaret Lanham, Jerry, J.L.,Leon and Robert Lanham. Grandmother of seven. Great‑grandmother of nine.

GOLDMAN, William J., 72, St. Jude, Indianapolis, May 13. Husband of Ellen Goldman. Father of Kevin and Robert Goldman. Brother of Marcy Goldman. Grandfather of six.

GRAHAM, Carol J., 87, St.Simon the Apostle, Indianapolis, May 3. Mother of Barbara and F. Kevin Brady and Kathleen Zeilinga. Sister of Shirley Skelley. Grandmother of seven. Great-grandmother of eight.

HEATH, Marilyn E., 75, St.Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower), May 23. Mother of Audrey Black, Kristen Hill, Darina Mikesell and Faith Heath. Sister of Jayne Copas, Debbie Dupont, Barbara Glass, Sally Sawyer and Jeff Heath. Grandmother of 13. Great‑grandmother of 10.

HENDRICKSON, Judy, 71, St. Joan of Arc, Indianapolis, May 22. Mother of Brian, Jeffrey and Scott Hendrickson. Grandmother of four.

HOYO, Julio, 98, SS.Francis and Clare of Assisi, Greenwood, May 17. Father of Marina Forthofer and Marta Kliefoth. Grandfather of three. Great‑grandfather of two.

JOERGER, Ralph, 81, AllSaints, Dearborn County, May 29. Husband of Phyllis Joerger. Father of Jennifer Hunger and Allan Thompson. Brother of Alice Lamping and Lawrence Joerger. Grandfather of five. Great-grandfather of two.

KNAPP, John N., 86, St.Agnes, Nashville, May27. Husband of Barbara Knapp. Father of Mary Carter, Barbara Pavliscak, Kathleen Raasch, Carol and William Knapp. Brother of Meredith Bishop. Grandfather of 12. Great‑grandfather of four.

LASZLO, Lilian M. (McHardy), 84, St. Charles Borromeo, Bloomington, May25. Wife of Ernest Laszlo. Mother of Alejandra, Cristina, Carl and Eric. Grandmother of eight.

MCCANN, Mary L.(Cummins), 83, St. Agnes, Nashville, May 21. Mother of Mary Bose, Ann Marie and JohnMcCann. Sister of Laurence III, Michael and Thomas Cummins. Grandmother of four. Great‑grandmother of three.

MEADOWS, Clinton C., Sr., 58, St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower) May 13. Father of Rachel Meadows and Clinton Meadows, Jr. Son of Betty Meadows. Brother of Tina Baker, David, Kevin and Nick Meadows. Grandfather of four.

PAULEY, Phyllis R., 84, St.Simon the Apostle, Indianapolis, May 17. Mother of Mark Pauley. Sister of Jerry and Patrick Schneider. Grandmother of four. Great-grandmother of 12. Great-great-grandmother of two.

PETER, Mary H. (Jacobi), 88, Holy Family, New Albany, May23. Mother of Ivan Peter. Sister of Velma and John Jacobi, Jr.

RODDY, Robert G., 73, HolyFamily, New Albany, May29. Husband of Norma Roddy. Father of Bethany Bigelow, Jessica Hundley, Jill Webb, Erin and Shawn Roddy. Son of Mildred Roddy. Brother of Mike Roddy. Grandfather of nine.

SICCARDI, Janie (McAtee), 78, St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower), June 1. Mother of Bobbi Siccardi. Sister of Barbara Akles, Rosie Hunter, Margy South and Joseph McAtee.

STOUGH, Marvin, 73, St.Elizabeth Ann Seton, Richmond, May 29. Husband of Carol Stough. Father of Tara Thomson, Tracie and Toney Stough. Stepfather of Angela and Dewey Balthis, Carol Cottongim and Tammy Hornung. Brother of Odena Houk. Grandfather of 16. Great‑grandfather of seven.

STRIEGEL, Raymond E.,96, Holy Family, New Albany, May 23. Father of Rozalyn Wolverton, Raymond, Reed, Richard, Roger and Ronald Striegel. Grandfather of 25. Great-grandfather of 50. Great‑great-grandfather of 16.

TEAL, Sandra J., 41, St. Peter, Franklin County, May 24. Wife of Ian Teal. Daughter of Robert and Jane Fussner. Sister of Debbie Miller, Beth Weingart, Cindy and Doug Fussner.

TROTTA, Paul M., 87, St.Bartholomew, Columbus, May 16. Father of Martha McGillivray, Sarah, Mike and Paul Trotta, Jr. Grandfather of 12. Great-grandfather of 11.

VOWELS, Kenneth, 58, St.Agnes, Nashville, May 6. Brother of Darlene Stoddard and Rick Vowels. Uncle, great‑uncle and great-great-uncle of several.

WALKER, Donald J., 43, Good Shepherd, Indianapolis, June 1. Son of Betty Walker. Brother of Linda Lanie, Candy Robinson, Teri Watters, Bob, Jim, Tom and Tony Walker. Uncle of several.

ZIEGLER, Caryl E., 68, St.Agnes, Nashville, May10. Mother of Beth Mohr and Chris Ziegler. Sister of Dan and Thomas Vavra. Grandmother of two. †

Obituaries (June 14, 2019) (2024)


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