Top 8 methods to get rid of lizards at home (2024)

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  • What draws lizards to your home?
  • How to get rid of lizards at home?
    • 1. Use pepper spray
    • 2. Place onions and garlic
    • 3. Use naphthalene balls
    • 4. Reduce room temperature
    • 5. Dispose unused food
    • 6. Vent kitchen cabinets
    • 7. Use peaco*ck feathers
    • 8. Other ways
  • Conclusion
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One way to create a hygienic atmosphere and avoid infections is to keep your home clean and pest-free. Lizards are one of the most frequent insects, as they can creep into every corner of your home and live rent-free. In Indian homes, lizards are no doubt the most common pest. Furthermore, just seeing them can send off a chain of terrifying reactions. While common house lizards aren’t physically poisonous or hazardous, they are pests that make it difficult to maintain hygiene.

As a result, lizard removal from home is vital to protect children and family members from any diseases they may carry. So, we’ve compiled a list of “how to get rid of lizards” in this article, and we’ll look at a variety of simple and effective methods for getting rid of them from your home.

What draws lizards to your home?

Lizards are unwelcome guests, and you want to do everything you can to get rid of them. Before we look into how to get rid of lizards at home, it’s important to understand why they come to our homes in the first place:

  • The smell of food leftovers attracts lizards. Ensure that food is stored in your refrigerator rather than on kitchen surfaces.
  • They get access to the house through ceiling cracks, windows, exhaust fans, and ventilation systems.
  • If the temperature in the room is high, lizards may be enticed to enter, so keep the door closed.
  • The pollution in the house could attract lizards. So, clear out the storage spaces and other storage areas.
  • Lizards are also attracted to warm water that is kept in a room.

How to get rid of lizards at home?

If you’ve ever wondered “how to kill lizards,” this guide can help you out. Then this simple instruction and practical methods can assist you in getting rid of them. Some solutions are natural ways to get rid of lizards, while others necessitate the use of market products such as lizard repellent.

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Following are some effective and easy ways to get rid of lizards at home:

1. Use pepper spray

Top 8 methods to get rid of lizards at home (1)

Pepper spray is the greatest option if you don’t want to become a lizard murderer. If you’re looking for a home treatment to get rid of lizards, pepper spray should be on the top of your list. In regions where you find lizards, spray a mixture of water and black pepper. Because pepper is supposed to irritate lizards and cause an allergic reaction, lizards avoid areas where pepper spray is used. Pepper spray can be replaced with red chilli powder, hot sauce, or red chilli flakes. As it may irritate your eyes, spray it in a dark, empty room to get rid of lizards.

2. Place onions and garlic

Top 8 methods to get rid of lizards at home (2)

Garlic and onions have a strong odour that attacks the lizard’s senses and is a good approach to get rid of them without harming them. As a result, lizards are less likely to return to the same location. To keep lizards away, place a few onion slices or raw garlic cloves throughout your home. If you don’t want to leave them around, put them in a plastic bottle with some water and use it as a lizard repellent for home.

3. Use naphthalene balls

Top 8 methods to get rid of lizards at home (3)

This is a good way to get rid of lizards in the house, but it should only be used by households without pets or babies, as naphthalene balls can be harmful to their health. As lizards can’t take the strong odour of naphthalene balls, they avoid them. Get rid of lizards by placing the balls in kitchen cupboards, storage racks, and under the sink. Keeping them at a safe distance from the food supply is a smart idea.

4. Reduce room temperature

Top 8 methods to get rid of lizards at home (4)

As they can’t regulate their body temperature and prefer to live in groups, lizards prefer warmer environments. In milder areas, they are scarce and struggle to survive, and residents do not have to worry about how to kill lizards. Unfortunately, simply opening windows isn’t enough for lizard removal from the house. The cooling generated by the air conditioning system will drive the lizards out. Lizards don’t enjoy cold temperatures, so try reducing the room temperature using coolers and air conditioners. This is one of the simplest ways to keep lizards away from your home.

5. Dispose unused food

Top 8 methods to get rid of lizards at home (5)

As lizards commonly enter a house in search of open leftover food, this is more of a preventative strategy than a reaction to an existing problem. This is a simple method for removing lizards from your home. Any spills or crumbs should be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Deep clean your cabinets on a regular basis to catch any food that may have fallen out, and wash your wet waste bins frequently. This will keep lizards away from your home.

6. Vent kitchen cabinets

Top 8 methods to get rid of lizards at home (6)

Lizards prefer damp and wet environments, and kitchen cabinets are one of the most typical places where they can be discovered. As a result, keeping all cabinets under the sink clean and dry can assist to keeping lizards away. Although this will not teach you how to kill lizards, it will teach you how to get rid of lizards at home without harming them. It is critical to fix any leaking pipes or corners to prevent lizards from congregating in your home.

7. Use peaco*ck feathers

Top 8 methods to get rid of lizards at home (7)

Peaco*ck feathers have long been known as natural lizard repellents. The addition of peaco*ck feathers to your home should deter lizards. Even the scent of peaco*ck feathers will scare lizards away, allowing you to get rid of them without actually killing them. They also add scenic beauty to your homes, so using peaco*ck feathers is advisable to get rid of lizards naturally.

8. Other ways

Top 8 methods to get rid of lizards at home (8)

There are a few things that may be used to keep lizards away from your home; some of these are inexpensive and can be utilised in rooms without fear of side effects. To get rid of lizards in your home, try any of the following methods:

  • Lemongrass, with its lemony scent, is an excellent way to keep lizards away while also keeping your home environment lovely. Simply keep a few pieces of lemongrass on random places in the house.
  • Eggshells contain a strong odour that makes lizards sick. They also give lizards the impression that a larger pest is approaching.
  • Cold water is one approach to catching lizards. Lizards dislike cold water, so when they are slapped with it, their mobility is hampered, making them easier to catch.
  • To keep lizards away, scatter phenyl tablets around the house. The odour of these tablets is unpleasant to lizards, so they will stay away.
  • Spray a mixture of two tbsp of hot sauce and water on walls or areas where lizards are regularly sighted. This is an effective approach to getting rid of lizards.
  • Commercial lizard repellents can also be used to keep lizards away. Electronic lizard repellent devices can spray pesticides and insecticides without causing any irritation to your hands.
  • Various lizard gels are available that intoxicate lizards, forcing them to flee the premises. As a result, place it in a few sections of the kitchen and house where lizards are usually spotted.


Apart from taking drastic measures to keep lizards out of your home, there are a few things you can do to avoid having to deal with a lizard infestation. Sealing leaking pipes, closing windows and doors, turning off lights while not in the room, and routinely cleaning the house are all good ways to keep lizards out of the house. You can even hire pest control companies to come to your home and rid it of lizards and pests. Use MyGate Apartment Security to allow only approved pest control workers to enter the property, making the pest control service even safer.

Lizards are an unattractive addition to any home, particularly if you can’t stand them. Using the methods listed above, you can get rid of them and keep your home clean and pest-free. You can also get a cat to chase the lizards away in addition to the preceding techniques of lizard removal from the house. Remove lizards from your home using the “how to get rid of lizards” advice.

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Top 8 methods to get rid of lizards at home (2024)


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