Trucker CB Lingo: A Guide to Understanding the Slang Used on the Road (2024)

As a trucker, communicating with other drivers on the road is an essential part of the job. However, truckers have developed their own unique slang and terminology to communicate more efficiently. This slang, known as CB (Citizen’s Band) lingo, can be confusing for new truckers or those not familiar with the industry. In this article, we will provide a guide to understanding the most used CB lingo used by truckers on the road

10 Examples of Trucker Slang

  1. 10-codes: These are codes that truckers use to communicate information quickly and efficiently. For example, “10-4” means “affirmative” or “I understand,” while “10-20” means “my location is…”
  2. Handle: A handle is a trucker’s CB radio name. It can be something as simple as “Big Rig” or “Road Warrior.”
  3. Breaker: This term is used to get the attention of other truckers on the channel. A trucker will say “breaker” followed by their handle to let others know they have something to say.
  4. Smokey: This term is used to refer to a police officer. Truckers will often use this term to warn others of a nearby speed trap or checkpoint.
  5. Rubber Duck: A rubber duck is a trucker, often a rookie, who is still learning the ropes.
  6. Bear: Another term for a police officer.
  7. Chicken Coop: A weigh station where trucks are required to stop and be weighed.
  8. Hammer down: To drive as fast as possible.
  9. Out of the Side: To leave the CB channel or sign off.
  10. Goin’ to the barn yard: Going to the company yard.

CB Communication

By understanding these commonly used CB lingo, you will be better equipped to communicate with other truckers on the road. Remember, these terms are not exclusive to the trucking industry, they are used by other CB enthusiasts as well. It is important to always use these terms with caution, and to never use them in any official or legal communications.

With this guide, you should now have a better understanding of the CB lingo used by truckers on the road. Remember to always use caution when communicating and to keep your focus on the road. However, as technology changes, CB Lingo and CBs themselves are destined to go the way of the dinosaur. Happy trucking!

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Trucker CB Lingo: A Guide to Understanding the Slang Used on the Road (2024)


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